WARNING:This product contains tobacco-free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tobacco Free Nicotine

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, reconstituted sheet, expanded or post-production waste dust. The nicotine is made using a patented manufacturing process that begins with a natural starter material, and progressively builds around the molecules of that material to create a pure synthetic nicotine. 

All of our products are manufactured with tobacco-free nicotine held with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure top quality e-liquids for you. 

Our tobacco-free nicotine is devoid of many of the residual impurities that tobacco derived nicotine may contain. Most importantly for adult consumers, our tobacco-free nicotine is virtually tasteless and odorless, dramatically making improvements to our e-liquid flavors, while importantly providing the same satisfaction from tobacco-based nicotine. 

Please double check the mg, sizes, and quantities in your order before checking out. The Dollar E-Juice Club will not be liable for orders placed incorrectly.



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