Wanna Chase Clouds? You Need the Right Vape Juice First!

Wanna Chase Clouds? You Need the Right Vape Juice First!

You are watching vaping videos and attending vaping conventions, yet sometimes you wonder how vapers blow voluminous, huge clouds all the time. You start to believe it might be your tank, your device, or maybe it’s some sort of secret technique that everyone knows besides you. There is no secret; it’s your e-juice! Your e-juice selection is the biggest factor when it comes to cloud chasing.


We will give you some tips that can hopefully guide you to becoming a professional cloud chaser or finding your satisfying cloud level. 

Cloud chasing is an advanced level of vaping. It is where vapers 'chase' for large clouds which satisfies their need to their own enjoyable echelon of vaping. There are several factors involving the correct e-juice when it comes to cloud chasing. Your e-juice should have a high VG base, a low nicotine level, high-quality flavor ingredients, and must have little to no negative reactions to your choice of atomizer. Following these guidelines will net you a large cloud worthy of being a cloud chaser!

When it comes to High/Max VG, this is a crucial factor in creating thick clouds. In most e-juices, you will find PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycol). PG is artificial, thin substance that creates the throat hit while vaping. This tends to mimic the effects of smoking a cigarette and beginner vapers are often encouraged to purchase 50/50 blends or higher PG content in their e-juice. With 50/50 e-juice blends on a cloud chasing atomizer, it will be very difficult to blow huge clouds because of the throat hit sensation intensity. That is where VG comes in. VG is produced from real vegetables and has a thicker consistency than PG, yet creates a barely noticeable throat hit. Combined with little throat hit, VG creates thicker vapor! For cloud chasing, we suggest purchasing 70/30 PG/VG e-juices for superior flavor and thick clouds, but for glorious clouds, try to go max VG!

Having low nicotine content is another important factor to cloud chasing for two reasons. Nicotine is biphasic, meaning that it can stimulate and relax the user. When you first vape after a night of rest, your awareness of pleasure heightens. After a vape session, you will suddenly feel more relaxed than previously. Cloud chasing with 9mg or even 6mg can tremendously affect your clouds as your breathing becomes more relaxed. Also, liquid nicotine will thin your e-juice over time. Higher nicotine juices will water down your juice much faster than lower nicotine ones. Thus, many vapers stick to 3mg nicotine juices; 0mg nicotine e-liquid will create competitive level clouds!

Always look for high-quality ingredients when aiming to cloud chase! When vaping low-quality e-juices, additional ingredients are required to provide a flavorful vape more volume is required. We highly suggest purchasing premium quality juices that use superior extracts, thus using less volume and creating thicker juice content. E-liquids with thicker content will yield bigger clouds. 

E-juice ingredients can react negatively to your coils and wicks in your tank, deteriorating your flavor and cloud chasing performance. Tanks suffer the most from this. Their replaceable coils are great for vaping with little maintenance, but thicker juices can wear down on your cotton inside your coils. Depending on your type of tank, after a few hundred vapes, you may start to realize your clouds are not as big and fluffy anymore. Some ingredients in e-liquid and even the VG can clog up your cotton wicks, thus preventing efficient wicking and lead to dry hits. Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) are widely used for cloud chasing, but some vapers also prefer rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) and rebuildable dripping tank atomizers (RDTAs). The rebuildables allow you to exchange cotton and coils at will, providing loads of flavor and consistent clouds.

So, if you are a beginner cloud chaser, an easy tip to follow is to purchase high VG premium quality juices. These e-juices will send you on the path to become a regular cloud chaser with no effort involved. If you are looking for competitive cloud chasing, these tips will also become your fundamentals to blowing larger clouds than before. The right juice is the most important aspect to cloud chasing!



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