Vape Juice Refrigeration is a Bad Idea!

Vape Juice Refrigeration is a Bad Idea!

Buying e-liquid in bulk can make a lot of sense. By purchasing large quantities in a single purchase, you can take advantage of deals you might not otherwise have access to. For others, who chose to mix their own liquids, batching in bulk can be a time saver. For whatever reason, it is not unusual for a Vaper to have extra juice on hand. How they chose to store that extra juice can have long term effects on the quality of their vape.

Refrigeration seems like it could be a fool proof way of storing your liquids. It is, after all, how we store perishable foods. However, unlike say, an apple or a beef brisket, e-juice is a liquid mixture. The substances that makeup e-liquids, nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring oil (which is, itself, also a compound substance), are not chemically bound together and have their own, individual characteristics. This means that individual components will react differently to changes in their environments. The drop-in temperature brought on by placing e-juice in a fridge can cause separation or deterioration of its component elements to occur.

Every component in e-liquid will respond to changes in temperature in a different way. The most common issue reported by vapers is the separation of an e-juice into its component elements. Changes in viscosity due to temperature variations are common in refrigerated juices. When the state and weight of these component elements change, they separate into layers. This is not always the case, and while some e-liquids respond well to refrigeration others do not. There are many different elements that may affect the stability of your liquid, including age, ingredient ratios, ingredient purity and temperature when stored in a refrigerated area. 

Refrigeration may also have an undesirable effect on the flavor of an e-liquid, causing it to break down or degrade. This can lead to an “off” flavor or a reduction in potency. Flavor or “candy” oils used in the production of e-liquids are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated to maintain potency.

More seriously, storing e-liquids in a household refrigerator can be dangerous. Children and curious adults may open bottles, drink, or spill liquids on themselves or food stored in the fridge. Make sure your juice, wherever you store it, is kept out of reach of young children. Always mark your juices and make sure to teach the people who may encounter them how to safely handle them should their bottle become damaged or broken.

If refrigeration is a bad idea, then what is the right way to store vape juice? There are four things you need to consider when deciding how to store your liquids. Heat, light, container, and temperature. All the components in your e-liquid are shelf stable and do not need refrigeration. A pre-mixed e-liquid is best stored in a dark, cool area such as a cupboard and in an amber glass bottle to achieve a reasonable life expectancy. Unmixed e-liquid components, apart from flavoring oils, can all be stored in a refrigerated area. Once again, do not put yourself or others at risk when storing nicotine. A fridge is no place for a pre-mixed e-liquid, storing your liquids in a more appropriate environment will lead to a better quality vape.


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