Top 3 Fall E-Juice Flavors from The Dollar E-Juice Club

Top 3 Fall E-Juice Flavors from The Dollar E-Juice Club

As the wonderful season of autumn begins, the colors of the leaves start to change on trees from vibrant greens to bright oranges and the air gets a little chilly. You might be thinking of ways you can get into the Fall season with your vaping setup. If pumpkin spice lattes aren't your thing, then Dollar E-Juice Club has the perfect Fall vaping flavors. There is something for everyone including classic, fruity, and sweet flavors to ensure your autumn has some variety. Here are the top three vaping flavors of the season you can try out at the Dollar E-Juice Club.

Fall E-Juice Flavor: Sweet Tobacco

Tobacco is a classic flavor, but this Sweet Tobacco flavor adds a seasonal twist by adding hints of warm caramel and vanilla. If you have been craving the true and simple flavor of tobacco with a juicy, sweet twist then this flavor is perfect for your fall and holiday season. The subtle touches of vanilla and caramel are what give this flavor a sweet autumn mix.

Fall E-Juice Flavor: Blueberry Muffin

One of the great things about autumn is the harvest of juicy and sweet fruits. The Blueberry Muffin flavor is second on this list for a reason. It has hints of sweet muffin paired off with the tartness of blueberries and topped off with hints of powdered sugar. It will remind you of your family's holiday homemade cooking. The flavors are balanced well and it is considered an all-day vaping experience. Customers have stated it is one of the best fruit-flavored e-juices available.

Fall E-Juice Flavor: Cinnamon Bun

Nothing says fall like the sweet spice of cinnamon. This Cinnamon Bun flavored e-juice tastes exactly like the real thing. It combines warm cinnamon with hints of fresh baked sugary buns straight out of the oven, drizzled with a sweet glaze. This flavor is a great alternative to pumpkin spice and is perfect for the fall season. It has a nice strong flavor that can satisfy your fall craving for baked sweets.

Embrace the spicy and warm flavors of the autumn with these top three flavors from Dollar E-Juice Club. Create thicker vape clouds that are reminiscent of classic holiday treats. These savory flavors have come out on top for Autumn and you can get into the spirit by trying them out. They are balanced out well so you can rest assured you won't get sick of them.



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  • I thought how can juice for this price be good. Well I was not disappointed at all. Honey & Milk is tastey . Marshmallow Treats my favorite go to juice. Keep this up and I’m customer for life.


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