The Vape Workout

The Vape Workout

We all know vaping is a better alternative to smoking, but you may be wondering whether you can vape before or after your workouts. Vaping before or even after your workout might give you an added boost of energy and assist you with your weight loss, but there are still factors to keep in mind.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping doesn't fill your lungs with tar, and many users have reported being able to breathe better after just a few days. Our blood cells are no longer restricted and can carry more oxygen to your lungs. And because you aren’t smoking tobacco, your lungs are no longer filling up with tar and in return, you can breathe better. 

The ability to breathe, as we all know, comes in to play greatly when working out. Energy and endurance also play a vital role. Considering nicotine is a stimulate, and stimulates give you endurance, this is a positive when vaping before a workout, or even after if you need extra energy. Nicotine also reduces the appetite and may aid in your dieting, boost mood, and increase your heart rate and alertness. As your heart rate increases, so does your fat fighting cells. Ultimately, you may burn more fat when vaping before or after a workout. 

As with any nicotine product, there are a few cons to vaping and working out. Be aware of major heart rate increases as they could potentially be life-threatening. Vaping can also lead to potential asthma and allergies because of additives. If you have an allergy to additives in the nicotine, you may develop histamines making it difficult to breathe. Vaping before or after a workout can also develop constricted blood vessels because vaping delivers more nicotine than the traditional cigarettes. 

Of course, these things depend on your body type and how your body reacts to vaping. If you are allergic to the additives in the nicotine e-liquids, then your body will have a negative reaction. The best bet there is to purchase a 0mg vape juice.

As with any nicotine substance, it's better never to start the habit as it will become one that is very addictive and hard to quit, but vaping is better than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. And as with anything that you do for a workout, you should always consult a doctor before trying something new or drastic.

Vaping offers positive additions to your workouts and will ultimately give you a higher capacity for endurance and longer workout time. However, be aware of your body and if something doesn't feel right or comfortable, stop what you are doing.


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