The Pros of Vaping in the Workplace

The Pros of Vaping in the Workplace

If you, as a vaper, are a former cigarette smoker, you know how frustrating it can be to be treated like a second-class person because you smoked. Always having to go outside, into your car, and sometimes far aware from the doors to the building or even off your work's premises. Now that you're a vaper, things probably aren't a whole lot different. Many employer’s organizations and institutions haven’t really caught on that vaping really is a different ballgame from tobacco smoking. In fact, many agencies and authorities within the United States Government are trying to railroad vaping and the associated products like e-juice (with or without nicotine) into the same category as tobacco products up to and including taxation, advanced warning labels, etc. 


What does this mean for you, vaper? Well as of now, not a lot of good things. Until Public Opinion changes on vaping, we are likely to be lumped into a category that doesn't fit us, as well as perhaps see heightened restrictions and prices for doing the things that we love. We know that vaping has no actual flame or combustion. We know that vaping does not cause any noxious fumes or odors. We know that there are no discernible links to tobacco and vapor, other than you exhale a cloud. Most people, though, don’t see it that way. Friends, neighbors, and co-workers are likely to think of you the same as a co-worker. 

This begs the question, how could you convince your place of employment to allow you to vape on the job, in your office? There are some public places already allowing it, since it is so radically different from smoking and doesn’t violate any (sensible) fire ordinances. This may be an uphill battle depending on where you work, how many people you work with vape, and the type of work you do. We're going to briefly examine a few of these different types and how "likely" you may be able to convince an employer to let you vape on the job:

The best way to go about convincing an employer to allow you to vape in the office would be if there are a lot of people you work with that vape. This could obviously cut down on the number of breaks you & your co-workers would be taking to go outside. As a result, you could probably get more work done in a day, resulting in a happier supervisor. This isn't going to be an easy sell though, depending on where you work. If you're a cubicle dweller, you most likely are going to have co-workers that may protest about this. If you work with a lot of older people, they might not be too keen on it, either. 

However, you may be able to craft the argument in another light besides just improved workflow. You could easily make the argument that allowing employees to vape inside would make those employees overall happier by reducing the number of times they have to get up to go outside (especially in the winter), as well as reducing the exclusion they feel from being "excluded" as a tobacco user. Another great gain to the employer could be the money they will likely save on your health insurance (if you have it through work). If you were a tobacco smoker before switching to vaping, your risk for a whole host of maladies goes down within minutes of your last cigarette. 

Overall, the atmosphere in which you work is going to dictate how likely your employer is to allow you to vape. And If they do permit vaping, make sure that you are also considerate for those around you when you deice to do a quick vape session.



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