Sub-Ohm Vaping MODs Effect Battery Performance

Sub-Ohm Vaping MODs Effect Battery Performance

Sub-ohm vaping MODs effect battery performance when sub-ohm atomizer coils are used in conjunction with Lithium-Ion batteries which’ve an Ampere output higher than 1-ohm. Vapers make modifications to lower the rating of their coils because sub-ohm coils deliver a richer flavor and an increased vapor experience for the user. These MODs, for many vapers, are becoming a trend. If you’ve just started to vape or are wanting to make the transition to this type of MOD, you must realize that sub-ohm vaping mods effect battery performance when the wrong batteries are introduced into the device.

Vaping devices are not much more than electrical mechanisms which must follow Ohm’s and Joule’s law. Each vaping device consists of a coil and its accompanying Lithium battery. Raising or lowering a MOD’s coil’s rating will raise or lower the overall power requirements of the coil and will demand that an acceptable Lithium battery replace an existing, out of range, battery when applicable. Sub-ohm vaping requires the user to manage the Ampere output coming from the Lithium battery so that the battery doesn’t become a safety hazard or create a dangerous situation if the battery were to begin discharging uncontrollably at wattages which are higher than the sub-ohm coils can resist after the mod.

It’s easy to see that battery performance is controlled mainly by the rating of the coils, but how do you make the right battery choice when faced with the need to switch out your existing Lithium battery for one with a lower power output? To make the best battery choice you need to know the power output of your battery and the limits of your sub-ohm coil. Batteries that’re made of Lithium are rated by their amps (ampere), volts, and charge capacity. Every battery has an amperage rating or continuous discharge rate. Vaping batteries have an ‘average’ Voltage rating of 3/7v. These types of batteries will read 4.2v when fully charged and 3.2v when the charge is dissipated. A battery’s storage capacity is measure in milliamp hours (mAh). A battery with more mAh contains a charge that will last longer than ones with less. Never attempt to mix and match vaporizer coils, batteries, volts, amps, and mAh without first confirming the rated power output of the battery and the limits of your coils.

When you know your battery and coil ratings, you must be able to confirm that they’ll work together safely before beginning to vape using your sub-ohm MOD. If information about your battery or your coil cannot be found, purchase an Ohm reader.

Now, use the three ratings we talked about earlier to find the output rating of your Lithium battery. Amperage ratings of “A” will inform you of your continuous discharge rate. Amperage ratings of “C” will require you to multiply the “C” rating by the storage capacity mAh. The last thing to do to before you begin Sub-Ohm vaping is to divide the amount of charge in your battery by volts and divide it by the coil’s resistance.

Vaping safely means your device discharges at a rate that’s less than your sub-ohm battery’s amp limit.



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