Say Goodbye to Dry Hits with TC MODs

Say Goodbye to Dry Hits with TC MODs

These days a lot of vape hardware manufactures have their own versions of a temperature controlled MODs, while some have already had a variety of upgrades also made available. It is every dedicated vaper’s challenge to keep their model cool while still using it to its full potential. Overheating is a struggle and can lead to dry, distasteful hits that can cause you to cough and choke do to the burning wick. This can also affect the flavors that you choose to vape with, giving them a stale, unpleasant taste that disrupts your ability to have a good time.

A study was done by a group of scientists who discovered that due to burnt, dried out wicks; the level of carbonyls found in the vapor were significantly higher then wicks being used at lower voltages. With the new and improved temper control technology, vapers can monitor and limit your coils so they never reach the point of burning or getting dried out.

Temperature control technology, or TC for short, is designed to reduce and prevent coil damage from exposure to overheating. It works by adjusting to the resistance dedicated from the coil when it is heated, and acts a tool that will shut off, alter, or diminish the amount of heat being exposed to the coil. This is extremely important as the life of your coil is largely dependent on how well the heat encountering it was regulated. 

Another major factor for influencing many in the vape community to switch to temperature controlled MODs is the appreciation for its ability to provide a consistent puff all the way through. Many are familiar with the old model’s annoying pet peeve of beginning with a cool, fresh hit that slowly gets heated and unbearable as you continue to take the drag. It is a common problem preventing vapers from pushing their MODs to their full potential; as it becomes unbearable halfway through the hit. A lot of manufactures are staying ahead of the curb and now providing an assortment of options for the titanium and nickel made coils for TC MODs. These are the only type of coils you want to use for temperature controlled vaping due to their direct relationship between the temperature of your MOD and your resistance.

Temperature controlled vaping was designed with the intention to give you the best vaping experience in the most convenient and care freeway. It is especially great for vapers who love to drip their flavors and don't want to get hit with an obnoxious, burnt wicks that ruin the whole hit. Your experience remains consistent and you can choose to puff long, heavy draws or mild, light hits while never having to adjust your puff. Another plus to temperature control is its assistance with the prevention of your flavor or juice cooking. When you run your vaporizer at higher watts it is a common problem for your juice to reach past its heating point and cause it to cook. If you do not vape in a high wattage setting, this may not be an issue for you but those who are accustom to high volts struggle with this regularly. All in all, to give you the best vaping experience, flavorful puffs, and consistent hits; temperature controlled vaping is the way to go. All the big names are coming up with their own upgraded TC models that are being sold all throughout vape shops across the country. If you are interested in bettering your vaping experience or want to try something new, go grab a temperature controlled vape and puff away.

Say goodbye to dry hits, cooked e-juice, and burnt wicks, and try out a brand-new TC MOD today! To ensure proper performance, make sure you have or purchase Nickle and titanium wiring and coils, so that your coil stays responsive to the resistance and temperature of your MOD.


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