Prepping Adequately for an Enjoyable Vaping Experience

Prepping Adequately for an Enjoyable Vaping Experience

When vaping, there are two options of re-filling your e-liquid; one is manually and the other one is using the cartridge that is already pre-filled. We will be discussing the manual filling up below, as it is most commonly used for its ability to allow customization. Most vapers prefer the manual re-fill tanks since they can refill them using the e-liquid flavors they prefer.

Here are a few tips one should follow when re-filling their e-liquids to make sure that they are enjoying their vaping experience.

First and foremost, when re-filling the e-liquid into the tank, make sure that it doesn’t overflow or spill out of the tank. Keenness and maintaining a steady hand is most important during this process. This ensures that the liquid flows into the tank so that it can serve the purpose it is intended for. Spilling it outside the tank can cause damages to your device. In a case where the battery encounters the liquid, it may short and this will hinder your vaping.

Additionally, when the e-juice overflows, leakage is likely to occur during your vape session. If leakage occurs, the whole vaping process becomes unbearable because, instead of enjoying the flavor being vaporized, the juice itself may come into the mouth and it has an unpleasant taste to deal with, especially with no such anticipation.

Moreover, if the e-liquid encounters the coil as you re-fill and vaping takes place without dealing with the spillage, your coil will, likely, to need a replacement after a short duration of time since it can easily burn out. Plan on refiling your clearomizer when you have ample time. When in a rush, spillage and flooding is likely to take place. Let the liquid fill the proper area allocated to it to get maximum efficiency from your device. Adhere to the set conditions of the tanks.

Most of the standard vaping devices have a line to show where the maximum level of the e-liquid should be at. If a steady flow and hand are maintained during the refill process, overfilling is unlikely. The line usually caters to warmer temperature when there is a likelihood of the e-juice expanding. Understanding the type of tank, for which you’re using, is essential in the refilling process. If you understand the shape and the size of your tank, you are likely to have an easier time in positioning your hand when refilling.

Whether it is spillage or an overflow during re-fill, the damage and experience that can be encountered are equally negative, from the bad vaping experience when the e-liquid gets into your mouth to the leakage and burnt coil.

To ensure that you enjoy your vaping experience, take your time in ensuring that your refilling process is well-planned for and is done in a careful manner. Since every vaper wants an outcome during their sessions, they should take their time in ensuring that vaping is well prepped for. Whether it’s setting up or refilling the e-liquid, close attention should be paid to avoid inconveniences that may occur during vaping. Generally, tidiness is key.


Finally, with a stable device, one will cloud chase or enjoy the throat hits according to their preference, with no minor problems such as leakages.


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