Guide to PACT Act Vape Mail Ban: Learn the Facts & Impact
WARNING:This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Guide to PACT Act Vape Mail Ban: Learn the Facts & Impact

Dear Valued Club Member,

By now, you may have received news in regards to the upcoming PACT Act and vape mail restrictions, especially in regards to USPS, FedEx, and UPS. We want to offer some clarity on how this may affect the vape shipments moving forward.

The Dollar E-Juice Club is committed to serving the vaping community and will continue to operate to serve our customers. Our team will be working with specialist carriers to build an extensive network of regional and local carriers for shipping deliveries, while adhering to compliance with State and Federal laws.


What DJC is doing after Friday March 26th?

We will be working on updates to our site in correspondence to the upcoming compliance efforts—and will have a tentative window where we will not be receiving and processing orders while these adjustments take place

Due to the upcoming restrictions, we are striving to offer resolutions for alternative shipping methods with the use of regional based carriers.

Please note, there may be a limited scope of coverage meaning we may not be able to ship to all States within the U.S., and even includes certain regions within each state (e.g., counties,

These may vary and we will continue to expand these areas we are able to service our customers. 

All orders in the future will require an adult signature required at the time of delivery, and all shipments may experience a longer delivery time-frame in compliance with the PACT Act.  

Furthermore, USPS will be prohibited from accepting packages of vapor products. Unfortunately, FedEx and UPS have voluntarily issued internal policy changes to stop the shipment of vapor products as well.

For your information, these carriers are expected to stop shipping vape products starting the following dates:
-FedEx, March 1
-UPS, April 5
-U.S. Postal Service (USPS), April 26 or earlier*

*Note: We anticipate the date to be enacted earlier.

What can you do to help?

Due to certain shipping restrictions for various regions that we may not be able to service – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Help us bring your favorite products to you! Here's what you can do: 

We will continue to keep all club members up to date with any changes – please be on the lookout for any emails and updates to our site.

We thank you for all the patience you've shown, and appreciate all the support you've shown during this transition!


The Dollar E-Juice Club


About the PACT Act

On December 27th, 2020, President Donald Trump signed a bill that prohibits the shipment of all vape products, called the “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act” (a.k.a. The Vape Mail Ban). It’s a dark day in history for vapers across the globe and is the first of its kind, especially since tobacco retailers still have free reign to sell cigarettes and cigars. 

Vape consumers have relied heavily on shipping carriers to deliver their favorite e-liquids and hardware at cheaper prices than the local vape shop. Online retailers are scrambling to find a solution, but unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done to circumvent this new law. 

What Exactly is the Vape Mail Ban?

The ban restricts shipment of all vape products, whether they contain nicotine or not. This ban is detrimental to online retailers and vape consumers alike, as FedEx, UPS, and DHL have all confirmed they will no longer be shipping vape products. USPS has not yet released a statement, but as the least reliable courier, the outlook is bleak. Vapers will be forced to either cut back on vape products or cease use entirely. 

The vape mail ban comes with outrageous demands that online vape shops will be required to comply with. 

  1. Each online vape shop must register with the Attorney General, and collect applicable taxes. For states that already tax vaping products, the online vape retailers must register with the tobacco tax administrators, as well as the federal government. 
  2. The tax administrators must be sent a list of all customer transactions in that state, along with a highly detailed list of the customer’s name, address, quantities, and type of products that were sold. 
  3. The ages of their customers must be verified using a commercially available database, which will require an additional adult signature upon delivery. 
  4. Lastly, the online sites must keep records for a solid five years of any delivery that was denied based on the courier’s judgement of whether or not the customer was in compliance with the Pact Act.  

When Does the Ban Take Effect?

The ban has already begun to take effect, as FedEx has stated they will cease shipment of all vape products on March 1st. DHL had already banned the shipment of vape products before this law was signed. UPS stated that on April 5th, they will no longer be transporting any vape products within the United States. USPS has not yet approved a date on when they will stop shipping, but they must release a statement within 120 days of the law being signed. 

How Will the Ban Affect Me as a Vape Consumer?

Unfortunately, this ban has a detrimental effect on vape consumers across the country. You will no longer be able to purchase vape juice online and have it shipped directly to your home. While it is advisable to stock up on your favorite flavors while you still can, you might be forced to purchase vape juice solely from brick and mortar establishments. 

Even worse, many brick-and-mortar vape shops have halted the sale of all flavored e-juice, meaning you’ll only be able to purchase menthol and tobacco flavors, and no flavored types of menthol and tobacco at that. Many vapers have forgone cigarettes and cigars in favor of the sweet flavors of vape juice, and fear that tasting tobacco and menthol flavored e-liquids could send them right back to purchasing tobacco products. 

Which States Have a Vape Ban?

The ban will be enforced in all 50 states, making it impossible to have vape shipped to a different state for later pickup. The law requires sellers to be compliant with state, local, and tribal tax laws that are inconsistent across the country, and subject to change on an unpredictable basis. 

Click here to select your state from the map and see Calls to Action, legislator information, current vaping laws, taxes, and more info for your state.

The CASAA has provided recent updates for the following states:

Vape Mail Ban Comment Period is Open

The good news is that there is still time to protest this rule. Log on to and send a message why you think this law should not go into effect. You will have until March 22, 2021 to comment both to USPS and your state rep on why you disagree with this rule. 

This is a time for vapers to band together! A call to action to protect our right to vape, albeit with stricter rules. 

Express your concern on going back to cigarettes, thus raising the possibility of health issues (which in turn makes insurance rates go up due to you being a risk for lung cancer and other respiratory issues). 

Fight for your right to vape freely, as vaping has been around for several decades and has helped millions kick their smoking habit to the curb. Highlight that having the ability to buy e-juice online and shipped to them encourages vapers to stay home instead of going to the corner store to buy cigarettes and other nicotine products. 

What may seem like a step forward may prove to be two steps backwards if vape juice is banned completely.  

What is The Dollar E-Juice Club doing about the Ban?

Here at The Dollar E-Juice Club, we understand that this new ban can be terrifying and stressful. As of today, we’re exploring all available options to continue sending you your e-juice in a timely fashion. We are researching ways daily to combat this new ban, as well as suggestions on how to ultimately get it revoked or amended. 

Stock up on our huge selection of e-juices, including fresh fruits, smooth creams, sugary desserts, and icy menthols. We also carry a stunning variety of nic-salt e-liquids and disposable vapes

Once you’ve added all your favorite flavors, you can save even more on shipping! 

Currently, we’re running a special that gives you free shipping on all orders over $35. 

We will do everything we can to provide for our customers until we are required by law to cease all shipments. 

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Guide to PACT Act Vape Mail Ban: Learn the Facts & Impact

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