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How Can Humid Conditions Affect Your Vaping Experience?

How Can Humid Conditions Affect Your Vaping Experience?

Vapers who live in more humid environments may have noticed that something about their vaping experience doesn't seem to fit properly with the information they have gathered. Having read through the research trying to pin down the different causes for an inconsistent vapor production, they may feel as if it is all in their head to begin with. You have adjusted the airflow, switched through different PG/VG ratios, and considered just buying a new device. But if you have ever wondered what may be causing your device to act weird, you may not have to look any further than the weather.

No, you are not imagining things, as humidity can have a measured effect on the way your device produces vapor in several different ways. The seals that vape tanks use are made of rubber, and they will react differently under certain conditions. Just as in all things their molecules expand or contract depending on the amount of atmospheric heat they are exposed to. While certain seals throughout the body of the tank are designed to consider the heat produced by the atomizer, those found at the very top or just underneath may contain a less reflexive rubber composition. When exposed to external conditions of high heat and humidity a lack of flexibility in seals can result in a loss of pressure as the seals fail to properly compensate for the added heat and moisture. Tanks are designed to wick juice in a vacuum sealed environment, and it is this vacuum that facilitates the smooth flow of liquid through the cotton. This will affect the flow of the e-liquid, and interrupt the tanks ability to wick juice effectively. 

Another way that humidity affects vapor production is in the way it changes the viscosity of your e-juice. High humidity and heat will cause your juice to become thinner than it would be under normal conditions. As much of your experience is tailored through the delicate balance of PG and VG, this lack of viscosity can completely change the profile of your vapor. This thinning out will cause a reduction in clouds through that lack of viscosity, and could even result in spit back as excess juice ends up in the mouth instead of being vaporized. If you select an e-liquid that is right on the line of being too thin, this extra thinness could even cause your tank to leak as the wick becomes too saturated.

While humidity may be the last thing you would expect to make a difference in your vaping experience, very high levels of humidity and heat will change the dynamics of your device and affect the viscosity of your juice. So, if you live in a region that experiences a humid climate, such as Florida, and are having trouble getting consistent results out of your vape, try controlling the environment you choose to vape in. Never leave tanks or batteries to set out in the heat, and try to relegate use to a climate controlled area.



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