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Dry Hits Differ Per Vaping Device

Dry Hits Differ Per Vaping Device

As a vaper, you have probably experienced the dreaded dry hit. Many vapers compare it to licking a dirty ashtray, and if you even mention it, vapers will involuntarily shudder as they remember the taste. Your eyes will water, and you will probably cough, and the burnt taste will not leave your mouth for quite a while. However, something many vapers don’t understand is that dry hits from different devices can vary drastically. Electronic cigarettes, portable vaporizers, and MODs all work through different mechanics, and the way each of these devices pull vapor through to your mouth is unique. 

Electronic cigarettes will not produce as terrifying a dry hit as a vaporizer or MOD would. Though still terrible, the amount of vapor that can be pulled and how restrictive the pull is from an e-cigarette will limit how much of a dry hit you can receive. However, getting dry hits from an e-cig seems to be a more common problem than from the other two types. Some simple solutions are available. The easiest way to prevent dry hits from your electronic cigarette is to pull as hard as you can for a few seconds the first time you start up your e-cig for a vape session. This should completely saturate your wick and ensure no other dry hits will occur. This intensive pulling would not work on other devices, as that much airflow would probably burn through the wicking material. Since electronic cigarettes usually restrict the airflow to more naturally recreate the feel of a traditional cigarette, that pull will only bring through as much air as is necessary to saturate that wick.

Portable vaporizers will produce those dry hits that will become infamous in your memory. They will leave you reeling under the absolute disgust they provide. In portable vapes, one of the reasons that dry hits happen is related to the coil. The coil will heat up but will not obtain enough e-liquid to vaporize. This in turn causes the wick to dry out, charring the liquid and giving those distinctly unpleasant flavors. A more unique way of dry hit creation to portable vaporizers is in the airflow control. Electronic cigarettes will never have this option, and only some portable vape tanks have adjustable airflow settings. Adjustable airflow means that air can move differently across the coils and wicks of the vape. If the airflow is completely open with no prior warmup, air moves quickly across the coil without pulling liquid into the wick, producing the telltale signs of a dry hit. Fortunately, these reasons can be simply resolved through patience and troubleshooting. Check your airflow, and let the coil heat up slowly to not make it to hot too fast.

MODs create the nastiest dry hits by far. However, dry hits for MODs happen far less than in either of the other two types. Modders are generally far more experienced, and all the common reasons that dry hits occur are usually checked for by therm. Regardless, dry hits can occur. Usually, these dry hits happen because of poor builds by the modders. The low resistance used in combination with the high temperatures can result in the wicking material simply burning, resulting in those dry hits. Sometimes modders will simply forget that more vapor is used per pull, and their tanks need more e-liquid than normal. Therefore, they will run out of e-liquid before they realize, leaving the wick dry due to no liquid available for saturation. To keep dry hits from occurring in MODs, check your builds to make sure the resistance isn’t too low. Alongside that, make sure you always have enough juice!

Dry hits are certainly terrible, and usually will ruin a vaping session. Now that you know what can cause these hits, you can keep them from happening. Keep the simple solutions in mind and your vaping sessions will never again be stopped from the terrible taste of those dry hits.


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