Clean Vape Batteries Go a Long Way

Clean Vape Batteries Go a Long Way

If you are someone worried about germs, there are many things that can help make your device more sanitary. The mouthpiece is always touching your mouth and the battery is always in contact with the world around it, both collecting germs along the way. If not properly cleaned, vaping devices can potentially hold harmful microscopic organisms. Cleaning your device will also help to increase its lifespan. With that said, here is some detailed information about the importance of keeping the battery to your device fresh and clean.

Regular Cleaning of Your Vaping Device


Cleaning your vaping device’s battery should be a part of your regular cleaning. This is the part of your device that is picking up germs from everything that it encounters. Even if you wash your hands frequently, you will be returning germs to your hand when you hold it. If you let any anyone else use your device, you will be getting germs from their hands on yours as well. Make sure that you do not use any cleaning wipes when you are wiping down the LED displays, tank connection area, or the USB connectors. Make sure to let it air dry before you start using it again as well.

Don't Forget the Battery


This is often a part of your device that is forgotten when you clean it. Every time that you recharge your battery you should start wiping it down and disinfecting it. The connection lies between the battery and the tank allows the device to work correctly. Electricity flows through the connection, converting to heat, and using the heat to vaporize the e-liquid into vapor full of flavor. When that connection gets dirty, power can cease to flow through the device.

Causes of a Dirty Battery


A leaky tank causes some of the sticky vape juice to start building up around that connection which keeps it from working right. Your dirty hands cause the build-up of grime as well. Dropping your device might make the connection deform or break. You will need a new battery if that happens. Devices using a USB port to charge can collect buildup causing the charger to not work at all. 

Cleaning Your Battery


It is easy to keep your battery clean though. By following a few steps, you can make sure that your battery will never stop working because of dirt. You should always wash your hands before you vape. This will help to keep your battery clean. Antibacterial soap will get rid of most of the potentially harmful bacteria from clinging to your vape part. Soap and water will also help to get rid of dirt and grime that is deposited on the device.

How to Clean Your Battery


It is very simple to clean your battery attached to your device. Find a q-tip and use some rubbing alcohol to gently wet the cotton. Use this in the area that the battery makes a connection with the tank. This will help to break down any buildup found in that area. Consider the air holes and swab over those as well if you see some buildup.

Electronic Cigarette Cleaning


Things are a little different for e-cigarettes. With bigger connection ports, you can use a wet wipe instead. You will want to clean the air holes and the posts with a toothpick. E-cigs limit the airflow, making them less likely to end up exposed to buildup, but a vape pen or portable vape does not. There will be more buildup around the devices’ air intake ports.

MOD Cleaning


MODs will need the most care because they create the most vapor and strain the battery the most. Rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip will work well for these connections. Since the battery is a large part of the surface area of a MOD, make sure that you take the time to wipe the outside of the battery down when you decide to charge it.

By cleaning your device thoroughly every time that you charge it and by washing your hands you will keep your battery working like new. This will help keep bacteria and dirt off your battery increasing its longevity.


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