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Cheap E-Liquid: What’s the Difference Between Premium Quality Versus Low Quality?

Cheap E-Liquid: Whats the Difference Between Premium Quality Versus Low Quality?


It’s exciting to find cheap e-liquid, but that excitement can quickly sour when you discover that you’ve purchased a bottle (or even worse – multiple bottles) of e-juice that’s not only cheap, but low quality and unpalatable. Those who are new to vaping may not be familiar with the characteristics of inferior e-liquid, so let’s start with a little primer on red flags that warn you to toss that bottle of cheap e-juice in the trash and move on.

What Are the Characteristics of Low Quality Cheap E-Liquid?


How do you know if an e-liquid is poor quality? Sometimes, you won’t find out until you put it in your device and start vaping it. Other times, there are ways to tell simply by looking at the bottle. Here are a few warning signs that differentiate low-quality e-juice from high-quality choices.


Bad e-liquid can destroy your vaping device.


From cracked tanks to gunked-up coils, poor-quality e-juice can be harsh on your equipment. If an e-liquid corrodes the tank on your device and tears through your coils in the blink of an eye, it’s a clear sign of low-quality e-juice.

Low-quality e-juice will sometimes appear cloudy or have objects floating in it.

This should never be the case. Good e-liquid should have a stable color and the bottle should contain only e-liquid and no random particles. An impure nicotine solution or careless manufacturing process could be the cause of these kinds of abnormalities. If something looks strange with any e-liquid, don’t use it: return the bottle or get rid of it.

Bad e-liquid will smell strange.

If you’ve purchased cheap e-liquid and have opened it to unleash a harsh or pungent scent, stop right there. You don’t even need to vape the juice to discover what it will taste like, as e-liquid tends to taste exactly like it smells. Degraded nicotine solutions or bad-quality Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) can affect the aroma of e-juice.

Poor quality affects the taste and feel.


From failing to steep their mixtures to using overall low-quality ingredients, some manufacturers cut corners in an attempt to save time and save money. The result is peppery, throat-burning hits and a harsh taste.

Low Cost E-Liquid Meets Premium Quality


As you’ve tossed away bottles of subpar e-juice, you’ve probably shrugged and thought, “Well, you get what you pay for.” With cheap e-juice from The Dollar E-Juice Club, nothing could be farther from the truth. What makes Dollar E-Juice Club products different?


Our e-juice mixologists know their stuff.

That’s right: mixologists. They worked tirelessly for three years to perfect our flavors before presenting them to you, our customer. We aren’t talking simple mixes of a couple of flavors, here. The Dollar E-Juice Club features an assortment of affordable e-juices mixed with a variety of different flavorings to create complex tastes you won’t find anywhere else.

We believe that quality matters.


When it comes to mixing flavors to achieve the best-possible final result, not just any flavorings will do. This is why at The Dollar E-Juice Club, we’ve done our research and secured ingredients from only the top flavoring providers worldwide. We understand that from the nicotine solution to the PG and VG, every ingredient can make or break an e-juice. We’re proud to use the highest quality ingredients to create an affordable e-liquid that’s also smooth and flavorful. 


We take our time.

All of our juices are handmade in the U.S.A., so you know exactly where your cheap e-liquid is coming from. We never rush the steeping process. Instead, we steep all of our juice for a minimum of two weeks in order to bring you the smoothest flavor imaginable.

We adhere to the strictest standards in regards to cleanliness and safety.


We believe it’s important that e-juice be mixed in a sterile environment, which is why all of The Dollar E-Juice Club’s products are manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom. In addition to this, all of our bottles are GCC-certified.


At The Dollar E-Juice Club, we believe that our customers should be able to get cheap e-liquid that’s safe, tasty, and of the highest quality. Want to try our products out? Build your own sample pack to discover your favorite flavors today!

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