Basic Ways to Extend the Life of Your MOD’s Battery

Basic Ways to Extend the Life of Your MOD’s Battery


Rechargeable batteries can eventually degrade and run out of power or become unable to hold a charge. If you have noticed that your battery is not lasting as long, is not charging, or is charging but is not working with your MOD, then your batteries need to be replaced. However, there are ways to prolong the battery life of your herbal vaporizer batteries.

These are some ways to extend the life of your MOD’s battery:

Power Off When Not in Use

When you aren’t using your MOD, it is best to power it off. Leaving your device on will drain the battery while turning it off will keep some juice in it. This way, you can avoid constantly charging it. It also extends the life of the battery.

Do Not Overcharge Your Battery

Just as your mobile phone shouldn't be overcharged so are the batteries of your MOD. Sometimes it is easier to charge a battery and leave it on the charge or charge it overnight. But leaving the battery charging well above the time it needs to charge fully will over charge the battery and overwork the battery. Eventually, this will limit the battery from holding a charge.

Use Your Batteries Regularly

Another way to prolong the MOD’s batteries is to use it on a regular basis. Most batteries are lithium-ion batteries, which are meant to be used every day even if it is for a short period of time. That is why most power devices like cell phones, tablets, and vapes use lithium-ion batteries. Batteries should also be rotated, so if you have two batteries and you only use one, rotating batteries keeps both in use prolonging the life of the batteries.

Store Your Batteries in a Safe Place

Storing your batteries in a safe environment is crucial. You should never expose batteries to extreme heat or sunlight for a long time. Batteries should also be kept in a container or away from other things. If they become in contact with specific items they can shorten their lifespan and degrade the batteries. And if you store the batteries in any wet, damp, or dirty places, the moisture and dirt can damage them. When dirt or spilled liquid encounters your battery, the connection to the MOD itself weakens, which makes the battery work harder to have the e-liquid vaporizer to produce quality vapor. So, keep your batteries clean and in a clean area to extend its life.

Never Store Drained Batteries

It is crucial to charge your batteries fully every time before storing. Even if batteries are not being used, they can still drain. When batteries go completely dead, they lose their charging capabilities and shorten their lifespan. So, if you have extra batteries, it is best to rotate them with the ones you are using. Keeping your batteries fully-charged, not over-charged, will extend their life.

Taking care of your batteries can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having extra batteries on hand is a good idea in case they somehow get damaged, if you are rotating them. Just remember to keep your stored batteries charged halfway since it adds extra strain on the battery to charge it when it is fully drained, which eventually shortens their lifespan. The lower the power level of the battery, the more energy it takes to charge it.



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