Airflow Matters in the World of Vaping

Airflow Matters in the World of Vaping

In the world of vaping, flavor and experience are two of the most important things. Sure, the device and battery pack are also important, but when it comes to the primary things vapers focus on, they are the flavor and experience. Many different e-juice flavors are available here at The Dollar E-Juice Club, but one of the things that vapers like about flavors is being able to enjoy the flavor. This is done by airflow.


Why it Matters


Airflow is something that when the first devices came out, was a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. There wasn't any choice as to the airflow and flavors were limited. Now, as advancements in technology and in how they are built, there are many devices that have adjustable airflow. So why does this matter?

  • More Control – If you want to control how much air is being used, then you know that having one that is adjustable is just for you. It allows you to determine the rate of air you want to come in and that can have many other benefits.
  • More Flavor – When air crosses the coils, it dilutes them which causes them to be cooled, thus changing the amount of flavor you get when you vape. More air equals the more dilution of the flavor and less taste you get. Less air equals less dilution of the flavor. For some, they enjoy a heartier flavor while others just want a hint.
  • Cloud Temp – Airflow can affect the temperature of the cloud that you vape. If more airflow, the cloud will be cooler, but it will generally be a smoother experience. Less airflow, the cloud will be warmer and the overall experience can be completely different.
  • Juices Last Longer – With a high airflow, the coils are kept at a cooler temperature and that allows for the juices to remain on the coils and not vaped. Accordingly, higher temperature uses more juices. So, if you adjust your airflow to fit your needs, you can save on having to refill and then buy more in the future. Save your pocketbook and time and enjoy the vaping even that much more.

Airflow Benefits


In the world where it used to be all one size, now think of your vaping experience as one that you can tailor to your personal liking. With different airflow settings, you can not only adjust it to what you like, but with different flavors, you might find one that you want to be stronger and one you want to be a bit weaker. Airflow can make that happen. But, to maximize any airflow, you must do a few things.

  • Clean –Cleaning the components of your device that can be cleaned can help with optimizing your vaping experience. If they aren't clean, then that can clog up the airholes, and no amount of adjusting will fix that.
  • Look at Your Device – Not all devices are the same as we already know. Some have large mouthpieces, but small coils. Others have small mouthpieces and large coils. Know what you have and if necessary, purchase to adjust to what you really want.
  • Research – Nothing is harder than going into something without knowing. If you have a preferred flavor and style you like, then make sure you know what will be capable of handling that for a consistent vaping experience.


Maximize Your Vaping Experience


Vaping is growing in popularity, usability, and is becoming a good alternative to the traditional cigarette. By making some choices that will help you pick the right device, you can maximize your overall vaping experience that will help you enjoy every bit of it. Adjustable airflow, the right flavors and the right vaping pen can all combine to make you feel like you are on top of the world.


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