2017 Vape Tank Battle: Disposables vs. Rebuildables

2017 Vape Tank Battle: Disposables vs. Rebuildables


Vaping is an excellent choice for adults that use it as a smoking cessation aid or even a hobby or pastime that is flavorful and relaxing. There are so many customizations that can be made for everyone's taste, and rebuilding an atomizer or using a simple disposable is another option that the industry has brought forward.

Each vape setup has a different level of disposable, rebuildable, or reusable parts that you can regulate yourself, to the level of your liking.

For instance, someone who travels a lot may not want an rebuildable atomizer (RBA), where they would have to worry about airflow, coils, and cotton. Disposable might be a better option for them. Others may very much enjoy the wide variety of customizations and flavor options that come from building and maintaining vape parts.


Disposable Vape Tanks


With disposable tanks, many of them are for the smaller batteries, like the eGo twist or the even smaller BIC pen sized batteries. These are relatively easy to use, store, and have less troubleshooting if you have any issue using them.

Capacity for your e-juice that you bought from The Dollar E-Juice Club that you use to of course vape with can be small, from 0.25ml to 1.5ml on average. The most common types that are bought hold 1.0ml of e-liquid. That may not seem like much, but they vape very efficiently, and you can refill them or carry spares already filled with juice or that came filled with juice from a vendor.

Nicotine levels in disposable tanks that are pre-filled come in different ranges, from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or more per ML of liquid. In smaller devices that use higher ohms in your atomizer, a higher nicotine content is going to vape and feel lighter than that of common rebuildable sub-ohm options.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) levels are commonly at 50/50 for pre-filled, disposable cartridges. The higher the PG ratio, the more throat hit you'll get, which is like the sting when smoking tobacco. If you are using your own vape juice, it is a little easier to tailor it to your specific taste and feel.


Rebuildable Tanks and Drippers


Building up your vaping experience comes with a lot of different parts, and with some of them you need to do more research than others to use. Many of these are built to use on MODs rather that their disposable counterparts.


Capacity for tanks that have replaceable coils are normally around 2ml-5ml capacity. Some have more, or less if you have a larger diameter to a taller tank. Many tanks today come as a package with the device that has internal or other batteries, and others are tank only.

An RDA or RDTA will usually have less room for juice itself, but you can customize the coils you put in them by building them yourself with wires like Kanthal A1, Stainless Steel or another wire type. These are great if you want denser vapor or more flavor, and are dependent on how you build the coils and wick the cotton through them.

RDAs have less space for juice, having a shallower deck section to keep juice in, as well as the airflow needed for your coils. The RDTA is a drip atomizer with a bottom tank section, so you don't need to drip juice onto the wick as often.

Nicotine and the PG/VG mix are more to the liking of the vaper, as well as the build of the coils in your tank or RDA. Higher VG will produce more vapor, and more PG will produce a greater throat hit and flavor.

Similar in reasoning for use, disposable tanks and rebuildable tank sections or RDAs both have great overall options for experience. But each of them has their own flavor, feel, and look that is best found out by trying each out to see what fits and what you enjoy the most from using.


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    Thank you dollar ejuice club.

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